If you’ve been around for sometime, you already know nPloy can help you find your perfect match when it comes to finding a job. But did you know the app can also help you boost your career? In this article we will take a deeper look at nPloy’s Discover tab - the place where all of the app’s new features reside.

When you open the nPloy app for the first time, you will get the option to choose whether you’re actively looking for a job or just browsing to get a sense of the market. If you feel like exploring, you’ll be sent directly to the Discover tab. Good news is the tab is always there when you need it - just take a look at the bottom of your screen. And here’s what you’ll find there.

Weekly insights

These featured stories will help you keep up with what’s up on the latest career topics. Insights are like a digest of relevant updates, tailored for you and providing the relevant updates you need. And if you are eager to learn more, simply tap on the insight and swipe up to get the full version.


Online or offline, you name it, we will (probably) make it happen or already did. You can find out about new events and join them directly in the app - no external links or platforms needed. Events are led by top experts and are designed to help you gain knowledge and engage in a discussion on a trending and relevant topic. 

Different types of events take place, allowing you to see different points of you or get a feel of the dynamics in some of the top companies. No matter the type of the event, you always get the opportunity to join the discussion live, ask a question or just share your thoughts.


Ever wanted to join a community of like minded people and share all your thoughts and ask a profoundly stupid question? The clubs are the place to be - there are plenty you can choose from (or join all) and you’re completely anonymous in all of them. Plus you get to rock a cool ninja avatar.

Career Change
This is the club for all the people who know it’s always a good time to follow your calling. Jobs doesn’t have to suck and if one does - you better change it.

Digital Nomads

This is the place to share your remote working experience. Whether you already live and work on the go or are just curious about how you can start your digital nomad journey, this is the place to share your knowledge or ask your questions.

Fresh Graduates
Whether you’re right out of school or university, this club will help you take the first steps in your career journey in the best way possible. From tips for not failing your first interview to connecting with fellow youngsters, this is the club for you.

Feel Good at Work
Need tips on how to recharge your mind and stay on top of the daily tasks or just want to vent about a toxic employer or a crazy situation at work, feel free to click that Join button.

Digital Marketing
Here you will find information about SEO, PPC and all other abbreviations that make sense to you. News, trends, or just sharing your best tips to reach the target audience - you will find all of this and more.

Creative & Design
If you find yourself in a creative slump, want to share the best new tool you’ve found or just feel the need to find fellow designers, this is the community for you.

Revolutionising the path from recruitment to retention. Need tips on how to keep your team motivated or find the best idea for a team building or a corporate gift - just ask away.

Developers of all kinds and programming languages, unite! This is the place to share your knowledge, concerns, complaints, excitement about something new and everything in between.

Expat Careers
If you know there are no boundaries when it comes to a job you love or just feel like exploring the world, this is the place to be. Spill the tea on the best and worst places to stay at, the most beneficial jobs for you or whatever else comes to your mind - others will appreciate it.

Business News
If you want to keep up with what's up, this is the place to be. Be the first to learn the news or be the one making them - that is the right club for you.

Ask nPloy

This is basically your open forum. If you want to share your idea with our team, complain about something or just want to chat - we’re always available. 

See? There are so many things you can do in the app besides swiping job cards. It’s actually the perfect place for all those passive job seekers - the people who are currently employed, but would be open to consider a job opportunity if it came their way. In the end, we all want Brighter Mondays at work, right? And passive job search is the way to go if you want to find the best job in a stress-free way.